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Wang Yi: Never Allow the Tragedy of History Happen Again

On December 19, 2013, Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Israel Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem and laid a wreath to the six million Jewish victims at the memorial hall.

Wang Yi said that Israel Holocaust Memorial displays a panoramic view of how the fascism originated, its social background and the entire course of holocaust through a large amount of facts and testimonies. It presents a true picture of history. It is a warning to future generations and triggers deep and serious thoughts.

Wang Yi said, China is also a victim of fascism and militarism. Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall documents the atrocities of the Japanese invaders in those years. The Chinese people are willing to join hands with the peace-loving people across the world to learn from history, and will never allow the tragedy of history happen again. We will together take a future-oriented view and make the peace-keeping forces grow stronger.

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