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Shimon Peres: China Represents Opportunity and Hope for the World

On December 19, 2013, Israeli President Shimon Peres met with the visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Jerusalem.

Peres said that, Israel highly praises China for achieving tremendous progress in economic and social development through its own efforts, as well as the way the Chinese government under the new leadership governs the country. China represents the opportunity and the hope for the world, not a threat. The Chinese nation and the Jewish nation have both created their own great civilizations. Today we both have our own pursuits and dreams. The cooperation between the two countries in economy & trade, science & technology, education, tourism and other areas all develops robustly and will bear more fruits in the future. Israel is committed to achieving the peace with Palestine and the peace in the Middle East. Peace talks are the only way out and there is no other alternative.

Wang Yi praises Perez for his long-term commitment to advancing the bilateral relationship between China and Israel. He said that China will deepen the mutually beneficial cooperation with Israel in the new era for the benefit of the people of the two countries.

Wang Yi said, peace requires efforts and it will not fall down by itself. We should try hard for the peace, not just wait. Hope that different religions and cultures could integrate rather than confront with each other in the Middle East and could communicate with each other rather than isolate from each other. China is willing to contribute to promoting the peace talks between Israel and Palestine and the peace in the Middle East as well.

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