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Wang Yi Holds Talks with Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra of Algeria

On December 21, 2013, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks in Algiers with Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra of Algeria.

Wang Yi expressed, for the past 55 years since the establishment of diplomatic relationship, China and Algeria have always offered mutual understanding, mutual trust and mutual support for each other and they are true good friends, good brothers and good partners. China-Algeria friendship is a result carefully nurtured by the state leaders of the two countries and of the joint efforts by the two peoples. It has withstood the tests of historical vicissitudes and is with broader prospects.

Ramtane expressed that China is a major country with important status and influence and has increasingly formed strong spiritual inspiration at the international arena. Algeria highly praises China for upholding justice and for adhering to the principle in international affairs, and thinks positively of China's policy towards Arab and African countries. Algeria looks forward to establishing comprehensive and unique strategic partnership with China.

Both sides agreed that as the state leaders of the two countries have reached consensus on establishing China-Algeria comprehensive strategic partnership, the Foreign Ministries of China and Algeria should actively promote preparations and accelerate the formulation of relevant documents to ensure that they will be signed by the two heads of state and be launched officially as early as possible. Both sides reaffirmed continuing to offer each other firm support on issues concerning core interests and major concerns of the two countries. To leverage their respective advantages, to focus on upgrading quality and quantity and to push forward all-dimensional practical cooperation between both sides to a new high. While deepening cooperation in the traditional fields of trade and infrastructure construction, both sides should focus on strengthening cooperation in the fields of aerospace, energy, high-tech and military affairs. To expand people-to-people and cultural exchanges between the two countries and to encourage the young generation to carry forward China-Algeria friendship so as to open up better future of bilateral relations. To strengthen coordination and cooperation in major international and regional issues in order to safeguard common interests of the two countries and of other developing nations.

Wang Yi and Ramtane as well jointly attended the reception in commemoration of the 55th anniversary of the establishment of China-Algeria diplomatic relationship and the issuing ceremony for the commemorative stamps the same day.

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