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Wang Yi Talks about Palestine-Israel Peace Talks: Brotherhood Can Survive the Vicissitudes of Life and Bury Hatred with a Smile

On December 19, 2013, Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the Palestinian-Israeli Peace Symposium in Jerusalem. Palestinian and Israeli representatives spoke enthusiastically, eagerly looking forward to the realization of peace in the Middle East as soon as possible, and hoping China plays its due role for this purpose.

At the symposium, Wang Yi said that the Middle East problem is the regional hotspot issue that has the longest duration in today's world. If the problem can't be solved, it will be difficult to achieve lasting peace and stability in the Middle East. As a permanent member of the UN Security Council, China has the responsibilities and obligations to maintain the world peace and stability. China has always attached great importance to the Middle East problem, and always thinks that the Palestine issue is at the heart of the Middle East problem. China has been actively committed to promoting the peace process of the Middle East all along. In May this year, China received Israeli and Palestinian leaders in the same period. President Xi Jinping put forward a four-point proposal to solve the Palestine issue, stressing that it was in the right direction to realize the establishment of an independent state by Palestine and the peaceful coexistence between Palestine and Israel, that peace talks are the realistic way to achieve reconciliation, that the principle of "land for peace" is the important basis for peace in the Middle East, and that the international support is an important guarantee to advance the peace process. The important four-point proposal fully reflects the Chinese government's sincere desire and positive attitude to promote peace in the Middle East.

Wang Yi said that for the two days, I mainly discussed Palestine-Israel peace talks with the Israeli and Palestinian leaders. What impressed me most was that although both sides have differences and opposition, the Israeli and Palestinian leaders both have made it clear that settling the problem between each other through peace talks is the only choice. They also think that it's a good opportunity to realize peace at the moment. They are willing to seize the opportunity to promote the negotiation process, to find the way to solve the problem, and to finally reach a peace agreement.

Wang Yi said that for both Israel and Palestine, it is an important premise that both sides acknowledge each other's rights to exist; it's essential to take care of each other's reasonable concerns; mutual communications help reduce misunderstanding and doubts; mutual compromise and putting themselves in each other's shoes is the key to reach an agreement.

Wang Yi finally said that there's a famous Chinese saying that "Brotherhood can survive the vicissitudes of life and bury hatred with a smile". We believe that as long as Palestine and Israel adhere to the aspiration of realizing peace, insist on the belief in peace, and keep patience in peace talks, peace will come eventually, and war and violence will be far away from us. People from all walks of life in Israel and Palestine have responsibilities to care and participate in this process, providing a more favorable social environment and public opinion foundation for peace treaty negotiations.

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