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Wang Yi: Both Parties in South Sudan Should Resolve Differences through Negotiations as Soon as Possible and Effectively Protect Personal and Property Safety of the Chinese Enterprises and Employees

On December 25, 2013, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi gave a joint interview to media in Riyadh, and showed China's position on the current situation in South Sudan.

Wang Yi said that China pays high attention to the development of the situation in South Sudan, which is a new country. The most important priorities of South Sudan at the moment are maintaining stability and speeding up development. China calls on the two conflicting parties in South Sudan to focus on national interests, to put well-being of the people first, to maintain the law and order, to stay calm and restrained, and to resolve differences through negotiations as soon as possible.

Wang Yi said that China and South Sudan are friends, and many Chinese companies are engaged in construction in South Sudan. China hopes and believes that all parties in South Sudan will take effective measures to effectively protect personal and property safety of the Chinese enterprises and employees.

Wang Yi stressed that China is always committed to maintaining regional peace and stability, and will make active efforts in its own way to promote peace talks. Chinese Government's Special Representative on African Affairs will soon leave for South Sudan again to contact and communicate with various parties. China is ready to make efforts to help regain stability of the situation in South Sudan as soon as possible.

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