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Wang Yi Holds Talks with Minister of Foreign Affairs Saud al-Faisal of Saudi Arabia

On December 25, 2013, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks with Minister of Foreign Affairs Saud al-Faisal of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh.

Wang Yi expressed, with the attention and cultivation of the state leaders of the two countries, China-Saudi Arabia political mutual trust has been unceasingly strengthened and practical cooperation in the fields of economy, trade and energy has been promoted steadily. Both sides have maintained sound communication and coordination on international and regional issues. Saudi Arabia is an Arab, Islamic and developing big country as well as a major strategic partner of China in the Middle East and Gulf region. China highly values developing strategic friendly relations with Saudi Arabia and always takes it as the priority for developing relations with countries in the region. China is ready to maintain the momentum of high-level exchanges with Saudi Arabia, to actively join in Saudi Arabia's strategy of economic diversity, to unceasingly deepen mutually beneficial cooperation in the traditional fields of energy, economy, trade and infrastructure construction and to explore cooperation in the new areas of nuclear energy and aerospace. To promote strategic dialogue and FTA negotiations between China and GCC countries, to maintain close communication on international and regional issues and to strengthen cooperation in the UN, the G20 and other multilateral organizations.

Saud al-Faisal expressed, Saudi Arabia and China are good friends. Saudi Arabia appreciates China's development achievements, highly praises China for upholding justice in international affairs and is ready to see China more positively playing a role as a responsible major country. King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud stressed that Saudi Arabia should look to China and positively develop relations with China. Saudi Arabia is ready to work with China towards the same direction, to push forward all-dimensional practical cooperation, to promote strategic as well as economic and trade relations between China and GCC countries and to strengthen communication and coordination on major international and regional issues.

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