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The Meeting Themed "Visiting the Foreign Ministry to Know about China's Diplomacy" Held at the Blue Hall of the Chinese Foreign Ministry

On December 25, 2013, a meeting themed “Visiting the Foreign Ministry to Know about China's Diplomacy” was co-hosted by the Public Diplomacy Office of the Chinese Foreign Ministry and China Radio International at the Blue Hall of the Chinese Foreign Ministry. Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Director of the Public Diplomacy Office and Director-General of the Information Department Qin Gang, Director-General of the Policy Planning Department Cai Run, Director-General of the Department of North American and Oceanian Affairs Xie Feng, Director-General of the Department of Boundary and Ocean Affairs Ouyang Yujing, Director-General of the Department of Consular Affairs Huang Ping, Chinese Ambassador to Singapore Duan Jielong, former Chinese Ambassador to Iran Hua Liming and others attended the meeting as honored guests, and interacted and communicated with the representatives of media and the public present.

Qin Gang and Ma Weigong, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of China Radio International, delivered speeches on behalf of the organizers respectively. Combining with the work in their charge, all the guests talked freely about China's diplomacy under the new situation, shared wonderful diplomatic stories, looked forward to a better future of China's diplomacy, and answered questions raised by the media and enthusiastic public on such topics as China's diplomatic achievements in 2013, how the diplomatic policies take advices from public opinions, China-US relations, how the boundary and ocean diplomacy safeguard national territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests as well as the peripheral stability, the important significance and the current main subject of the public diplomacy to the promotion of the mutual cognition between China and foreign countries, together with the topics such as consular protection. The representatives of the public who participated in the activity said that this activity is rich in content with a lively form. It shows that China's diplomatic work in the new era is more enterprising, pragmatic and innovative, and that it is more and more connected with people, better understands the conditions of people and better benefits people. It is expected that China's diplomacy in 2014 will be more brilliant.


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