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Wang Yi: We Hope that China and the United States Will Develop Sound Interactions in the Asia-Pacific

During his recent exclusive interview with Al Jazeera, when asked about China's view on the prospects of peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region, given the US strategic re-balancing from the Middle East to the Asia-Pacific, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that China hopes to see the United States play a constructive role in the affairs of the Asia-Pacific region, and China and the United States will develop sound interactions in the Asia-Pacific.

Wang Yi stated that the Asian region is on the whole peaceful and promising, with countries living together in amity and the regional economy maintaining a sound momentum of rapid development. Globally, Asia, East Asia in particular, has enjoyed the fastest growth and the biggest potential. As for some issues left from history that exist in the region, efforts are being made to find a solution through peaceful negotiations. Of course China is aware of the US traditional influence and practical interests in this region, which we think is normal, since it is also a big nation in the Asia-Pacific. China respects US legitimate interests in the Asia-Pacific and hopes to see it play a constructive role in regional affairs. President Xi Jinping stated publicly that the vast Pacific Ocean has ample space for China and the United States to both develop. In June 2013, President Xi Jinping and President Obama held a meeting at the Annenberg Estate in California, during which the two sides had an in-depth exchange of views on a wide range of topics and reached consensus on many issues. In particular, President Xi Jinping proposed that China and the United States should build a new model of major-country relationship and President Obama readily agreed to the idea. President Xi explained the three features of the proposed new model of major-country relationship, namely, first, no conflict or confrontation; second, mutual respect; and third, win-win cooperation. The US side subscribed to the idea fully. Efforts have since been made to implement the agreement reached between the two presidents and advance the building of this new model of major-country relationship, starting first and foremost from the Asian region. Wang expressed the hope to see more communication and closer coordination and cooperation between China and the United States in Asian affairs, for more commonalities, which may help develop sound interactions in this region. This serves not only the interests of China and the United States, but also those of all countries in this region.

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