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Wang Yi: We Hope that Egypt will Regain Its Role As a Major Country in the Region

Talking about China's view on the future of Egypt in his recent exclusive interview with Al Jazeera, Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressed his hope that Egypt will regain its role as a major country in the region.

Wang Yi said that Egypt is an ancient civilization and a major Arab and African country. China and Egypt have a long history of friendly exchanges. Egypt has played a very important role in maintaining regional peace and stability. In more recent years, turbulence erupted inside Egypt, which is detrimental not only to the country's own stability and development but also to the role it is expected to play in the region. Egypt, in China's view, is in the middle of political and social transition, and it is in search of a development path suited to its national conditions. In so doing, Egypt has China's understanding and support. The Egyptians are a great people. They have the wisdom and ability to find a development path that is conducive to the country, acceptable to its people and suited to Egypt's realities. The recent situation in Egypt is moving in a positive direction and China just hosted a visit by the Egyptian foreign minister. Wang mentioned his impression that Egypt is regaining its confidence and more willing to get engaged with the rest of the world, including the major countries, which is a highly positive development. We hope that Egypt will restore stability, achieve development and regain its role as a major country in the region.

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