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President John Dramani Mahama of Ghana Meets with Wang Yi

On January 9, 2014, President John Dramani Mahama of Ghana met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi at the Presidential Palace.

Mahama expressed that China has long been united with the developing countries to safeguard their rights and interests on the international arena. In particular, China has offered a great deal of assistance to Africa, which has promoted development and revitalization of Africa. China fully deepening reform and opening up will gain China a new driving force for development, and will also greatly encourage the developing countries. Ghana has been very much benefited from the long-time Ghana-China friendship and sincere help from China, and Ghana-China cooperation is fruitful. Ghana is ready to deepen friendship and cooperation with China and to build with China a firmer bilateral relationship.

Wang Yi expressed, the traditional friendship founded in person by the older generations of the state leaders of China and Ghana has got even firmer as time goes by. It is the precious treasure of us both. The two countries are highly complementary to each other in economy, which sets an important foundation for mutually beneficial cooperation. The two major features bring unique advantages to China-Ghana relations. Both sides should combine the traditional friendship and practical cooperation, to promote practical cooperation through strengthening traditional friendship and to add new contents to the traditional friendship through deepening practical cooperation. China is willing to implement the correct concept of morality and benefit in cooperation with African countries including Ghana so as to realize common development of both sides.

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