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Wang Yi: The Right Concept of Morality and Benefits Is a Banner of China's Diplomacy

On January 10, 2014, at the join press conference with Foreign Minister Mankeur Ndiaye of Senegal following their talks, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi pointed out that the right concept of morality and benefits is a banner of China's diplomacy in the new era.

Wang Yi said, the right concept of morality and benefits was proposed by President Xi Jinping during his visit to Africa last year, and we will earnestly carry it out. Morality refers to morality and justice. China will take morality and justice as the priority for its relationship with African countries. China will insist on equality, sincerity, friendship and commitment with African countries, and beyond this, should speak out for Africa's legitimate rights and reasonable appeals. Benefits refer to the mutual benefit. For its relations with the African countries, China will never plunder as the colonists did, will never follow those capitalists to be mercenary, and will never merely pursue its self-interest, like some countries do. China is willing to seek common development and common prosperity with African brothers. In this process, China will give more consideration to the reasonable demands of the African countries, and strive to help Africa get more benefits as early as possible. In time of need, we should attach more importance to morality than to benefits, or even give up benefits for morality. The Tanzania-Zambia railway has been an example of the right concept of morality and benefits, while today the African Union Conference Center standing at Addis Ababa is another one.

Wang Yi pointed out, the right concept of morality and benefits goes along with the tradition of China's diplomacy. It embodies the idea of being the socialist country with the Chinese characteristics, and has become an important guideline for China's relations with the developing countries, including Africa. It is a banner of China's diplomacy in the new era, and will certainly play a positive role in and have a profound impact as well on the development of China's relations with Africa and other developing countries.

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