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Wang Yi: Fact of China's Assistance to Africa Pales All Falsehoods

On January 11, 2014, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi toured the Grand National Theatre and the construction site of the Black Civilization Museum, both with Chinese aid, in Dakar, capital of Senegal.

The Culture Minister Abdoul Aziz Mbaye of Senegal, who accompanied for the tour, spoke highly of the architectural achievements of the Grand National Theatre. He said that as a grand palace in Dakar, it enriches and uplifts the cultural life of the people in Senegal. To finish the construction of Black Civilization Museum as early as possible is of great significance to the black people all over the world, because it would enhance their sense of belonging to Africa and to the African civilization.

Wang Yi said to the journalists as inquired that, standing in front of the Grand National Theatre and the under-construction Black Civilization Museum, which with the Chinese aid, we feel gratified and proud. The friendly feelings of the Chinese people to the African people permeate overwhelmingly everywhere here. The fact pales all those so-called criticisms and those falsehoods of China's aid to Africa. Although China is still a developing country, we are willing to do our best to continue to make contributions to Africa's economic, social and cultural construction.

Wang Yi said, when visiting Africa, what heard most is to redress historical injustice. This is the call of the African brothers from the bottom of their heart. The historical Injustice to Africa involves all aspects. The most important and should be redressed is to restore the due dignity and status that the black people deserve and recognize their contributions to the human civilization. The completion of the Black Civilization Museum will play an important role for this purpose.

Wang Yi conveyed greetings to the Chinese engineers, technicians and workers on the site and expressed appreciation for their selfless contributions to Africa. He thanked the government and all community of Senegal for their care and help for the Chinese aid workers.

National Grand Theatre is the largest aid project of China in Senegal. It was completed and put into use in 2012. The Black Civilization Museum is another important aid project of China that began construction in Senegal following the National Grand Theatre. It is scheduled to be completed in 2016.

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