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Wang Yi: China Is Willing to Join Efforts with Africa to Fulfill the Dream of Rejuvenation, to Seek Common Development and to Promote Peace and Security

On January 6, 2014, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi pointed out that China is willing to join efforts with Africa to fulfill the dream of rejuvenation, to seek common development and to promote peace and security at the joint press conference after his talks with Ethiopian Foreign Minister Tedros Adhanom.

Wang Yi said, China has fine tradition of its diplomacy, that is, the Chinese foreign ministers always choose Africa as the first destination of their foreign visits every year. This is to send out a clear and consistent message to the world that strengthening solidarity and cooperation with African countries is always the important cornerstone of China’s foreign policy. President Xi Jinping has clearly pointed out that China and Africa are a community of common destiny and good brothers sharing weal and woe. No matter how the international situation changes, China will always stand firmly with the African brothers and will always be the most reliable friend and the most trustworthy partner of African brothers.

Wang Yi said, in March last year, President Xi Jinping came to Africa for his first visit abroad. He put forward the guidelines for the development of China-Africa relations in the new situation, namely “sincerity, real results, affinity and good faith”, setting up an important guide for China-Africa friendship and cooperation, which the Chinese side will absolutely implement into all fields of China-Africa exchanges.

Wang Yi stressed that, China will firmly support African countries to choose their development paths conform to their own national conditions, will firmly support Africa to expedite the integration process, will firmly support the African people to resolve the existing problems in their own way, and will firmly support Africa to obtain its deserved status and dignity and to play a bigger role on international arena.

Wang Yi expressed that, in this process, first, China is committed to joining efforts with Africa to fulfill the dream of rejuvenation. The 1.3 billion Chinese people are now striving to realize the dream of rejuvenating the Chinese nation, while the 1 billion plus African people are striving for the African dream of building a stronger Africa through unity and achieving development and rejuvenation. The Chinese dream and the African dream are interlinked with each other and in line with the direction of human development and progress. We are willing to join hands with the African brothers and sisters to fulfill our dreams.

Second, China is committed to seeking common development and prosperity with Africa. Development is the top priority for both China and Africa. China will launch a new round of reform and opening up. It will provide new opportunities for Africa’s development and new driving force for the transformation and upgrading of China-Africa cooperation. We sincerely hope to see a faster development in Africa and a better life for African people . We are willing to deepen practical cooperation with Africa, focusing on strengthening mutually-beneficial cooperation in the fields of infrastructure, agriculture and manufacturing, which are mostly needed in Africa. In the meantime, we will enhance our support to improve African people’s livelihood. We will emphasize more on “teaching a man how to fish” and will helpAfrica “build the nest to attract phoenix” in a bid to improve the ability and level of self-development for Africa.

Third, China is committed to joining efforts with Africa to promote peace and security. Peace and security are the prerequisite for development. China is willing to speak out as always for Africa in the UN Security Council and other international occasions and to be more active in participating the UN peacekeeping missions in Africa, trying every effort for peace and stability in Africa. China will positively implement the “Initiatives on China-Africa Cooperative Partnership for Peace and Security”, to deepen cooperation with the African Union and African countries in the fields of peace and security. China highly appreciates Ethiopia, as the rotating chair of the African Union, for its tireless efforts in promoting Africa’s unity and cooperation, properly handling the regional hotspot issues and disputes, and enhancing the exchanges between Africa and other regions in the world. We are willing to work with Ethiopia and other African countries to uplift the new type of China-Africa strategic partnership to new highs.

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