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Wang Yi: China Always Adheres to Equality, Practicability, Commitment and Sincerity in China-Africa Cooperation

On January 6, 2014, when jointly meeting the press after his talks with Foreign Minister Tewodros Adhanom of Ethiopia, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi stressed that China always adheres to equality, pracicability, commitment and sincerity in China-Africa cooperation.

Wang Yi expressed that all African countries are equal members of the international community. They have the rights for development and the potentials to realize the development. Without the development of Africa, there will be no prosperity in the world. The international community should try hard to help Africa for the development. Wang Yi said, China was the first country providing aid to Africa, and with the most considerable outcomes of cooperation, which has been universally acknowledged by the international community. The reason why China-Africa cooperation can produce such a big effect and influence, I think, is because China always adheres to the following:

First, equality. We treat all African countries on an equal footing, whether they are large or small, strong or weak, and however their natural endowments are. In cooperation, we never interfere in internal affairs of African countries, never impose our will on African countries, and never attach any political strings to our aid to Africa. That is what wins China the trust and respect of African countries.

Second, practicability. All of China's aid to Africa has been used in the most-demanded fields of economic and social development and of people's livelihood. So far, China has helped a lot for infrastructure construction in Africa, and also built quite a number of schools, hospitals, stadiums, city water supply systems and other people's livelihood projects. It has greatly improved investment environment and people's living standard in Africa, as well as self-development ability of African countries. We are willing to try our best to convert Africa's advantages of resources into advantages of development, and turn its development potential into development ability.

Third, commitment. We are certain to do all the things what China promised, and to do them well. So far, all of China's commitments to Africa made in every previous Forums on China-Africa Cooperation have all been realized as scheduled. The new cooperative measures in five key areas announced at the Ministerial Meeting of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in 2012 are all being implemented smoothly.

Fourth, sincerity. China aims to help the development of Africa and assume our moral responsibilities when conducting the cooperation with Africa. China did not wait to aid Africa until we have developed ourselves. Actually we reached out a helping hand to Africa before we ourselves getting out of poverty. China neither waited to cooperate with Africa until the world regards the prospects of Africa as optimistic. Our aid to and cooperation with Africa have been always for decades. China holds no self-interest in the aid to and cooperation with Africa. We have never competed with anyone, or elbowed out anyone. On the contrary, we advocate that all parties of the international community should have positive interactions in Africa, should conduct cooperation, and should jointly help and benefit Africa. Wang Yi said, we do not agree with some outside countries trying to pit one against another, carrying on confrontation and playing with checks and balances. If the cooperation goes just for selfish interests, for realizing so-called political intentions by giving aid to Africa, it will come to be too narrow-minded and will never be able to win the heart of African people.

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