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Wang Yi: Both Parties in Syria Should Sit Down, Start the Talk and Keep It On

  On January 18, 2014, Foreign Minister Wang Yi, as inquired, said to the media that it is the issue of common concern of the international community whether the second Geneva meeting on Syria issue can be held as scheduled.

  Wang Yi said that the situation in Syria is very complicated. The development of the situation for recent three years has fully proved that the military means cannot resolve the Syria issue. The political solution through dialogues and negotiations is the only right way, as well as the consensus of the international community. It has charted the course for the future effort.

  Wang Yi stressed that, as long as both sides start their talks, it is an important achievement, and also an important beginning. Even if there are bigger problems, deeper conflicts and more difficulties, as long as both sides sit down, start the talk and keep it on, with the joint efforts of the international community, it can be found a solution acceptable to all parties concerned. China will continue to make positive and constructive efforts for this purpose.

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