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Wang Yi: The Road to a Political Settlement of the Syrian Issue Has Twists, But The Prospects Are Bright

  On January 23, 2014, Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in Montreux, Switzerland, exchanging views on the Syrian issue.

  Wang Yi said, the UN chaired the Geneva II Conference on the Syrian Issue yesterday. It is of great and positive significance to both the 20 million Syrian people and to all countries in the world. I think that the meeting has yielded fruits in at least three aspects. First, to insist on the direction of a political settlement, and military means gets nowhere. Second, to start the process of peace talks between the conflicting two parties in Syria as soon as possible, and keep the talks going. Third, to work together to ease the current humanitarian situation, and help Syrian refugees relieve the pain. It’s necessary for the UN to consider the establishment of a follow-up support mechanism to keep the peace talk process continuous and uninterrupted. As a Chinese saying goes, while prospects are bright, the roads have twists. As long as all parties adhere to the direction of peace talks, there will be a way out for a political settlement of the Syrian issue, just like a sudden glimpse of hope in the dark mist of bewilderment. China will continue to fully support the UN to play a leading role in promoting a political settlement of the Syrian issue as soon as possible.

  Ban Ki-moon said that he totally agrees with Wang Yi for his comment on the Conference. It should be with positive thinking to see and advance a political settlement of the Syrian issue. China has firmly supported a political settlement of the Syrian issue, and has played a positive role in it. China participated in the naval escort for transporting Syria’s chemical weapons, which helped the UN start the destruction of the chemical weapons in Syria on schedule and made it possible to finish the destruction as scheduled, and also put forward five distinctive principles, providing practical and feasible proposals for a political settlement of the Syrian issue. The UN appreciated and thanked China for it. The five permanent members of the UN Security Council have major political and moral responsibilities in a political settlement of the Syrian issue, and hope China continues to offer strong support.

  Both sides also exchanged views on safeguarding security and stability in Asia, and agreed on planning and preparing for commemorating the 70th anniversary of the victory of the World Anti-Fascist War.

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