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Wang Yi Meets with Negotiators of the Two Conflicting Parties in Syria, respectively

On January 22, 2014, Foreign Minister Wang Yi met in Montreux, Switzerland, with Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Walid Muallem of Syria and President Ahmad Jarba of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces.

Wang Yi listened to the two parties introducing the situation and talked to them, respectively. Wang Yi said that Syria's civil war cannot and should not go on again, because all of the Syrian people are suffering. The development of the situation over the three-odd years has fully proved that a political settlement of the Syrian issue is the only realistic and feasible way. Today, the two conflicting parties in Syria sit down together for the first time, which is hard-won and worth cherishing. Although both sides have sharply conflicting positions, the first step has been made, and we should keep moving forward step by step. Both sides should take today's meeting as an opportunity to truly start the process of a political settlement.

Wang Yi said that Syria's two conflicting parties should fully demonstrate sincerity, take constructive measures that are conducive to pushing forward the political peace talks, bring each other together, and meet each other halfway. Both sides should carry out negotiations on the basis of the Geneva Communique to continue to narrow differences, to build trust, and to eventually find a solution that accords with Syria's national conditions and can be accepted by all parties in Syria. Both sides are about to conduct direct negotiations, should follow the easy-to-difficult and step-by-step principles, and reach framework consensus on the basis of principle and direction of peace talks. At the same time, cease fire and end violence as soon as possible to create the necessary conditions and atmosphere for advancing the peace talk process. After all, Syria's two conflicting parties are brothers, no matter how difficult and tortuous the peace talk process is, as long as both parties hold a sincere wish and take practical actions, we'll always be able to find a way to move forward.

Wang Yi stressed that China has no private interests in Syria, and we are a true friend of the Syrian people. China has always upheld justice, adopted an even-handed and balanced position without being partial to any particular party. China respects and supports all proposals for political settlement as long as they are in line with the interests of the Syrian people and generally acceptable to the parties in Syria.

Both parties in Syria think that a political settlement of the Syrian issue is the only way out. The Syrian people cherish the friendship with the Chinese people, and see China as a true friend, and speak highly of China's active efforts in promoting a political settlement of the Syrian issue.

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