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Wang Yi: China Will Keep Efforts to Enrich and Improve Building-Up of Its Soft Power

  On January 24, 2014, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, answered the question on how China would promote the building-up of its soft power posed by the famous U.S. scholar Joseph Nye, who initially raised the concept of “soft power”.

  Wang Yi said, it is essential for a major country to build up its soft power. China owns its unique soft power. It includes at least the following three aspects. The first is China’s excellent traditional culture. Thousands of years ago, China already put forward a series of important ideas of pursuing “benevolent governance” not “high-handed governance”, ruling the country with morality and treasuring harmony. These ideas still shine around the world until now. The second is the development path with Chinese characteristics. The path conforms to China’s national conditions and gets full support of the Chinese people. It has been and will be further proved to be the right way and can serve as a reference to other countries. The third is the diplomatic philosophy adopted by China. It is the tradition of China’s diplomacy to uphold and pursue justice and to practice with equality, which differ from the diplomatic philosophies of the other major countries. It has been recognized and appreciated by most countries across the world, especially small and medium-sized countries. In the future, China will continue to dedicate itself to exploring and practicing its soft power and will keep its efforts to enrich and improve the building-up of its soft power.

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