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Wang Yi Puts Forward Five Proposals on the Political Settlement of the Syrian Issue

On January 20, 2014, Foreign Minister Wang Yi accepted interviews by the Xinhua News Agency and the China Central Television, and put forward five principles on the political settlement of the Syria issue.

Wang Yi said that China welcomes and supports the Geneva II Conference on the Syrian issue in Switzerland on January 22. This is an important opportunity to promote the political settlement of the Syrian issue, and five principles should be carried out: first, the issue of Syria must be resolved through political means; second, the future of Syria must be decided by its own people; third, an inclusive political transition process must be promoted; fourth, national reconciliation and unity must be achieved in Syria; fifth, humanitarian assistance must be delivered in Syria and its neighboring countries..

Wang Yi stresses that the meeting in Geneva, marking the beginning of dialogue and negotiation, should be an ongoing process. Thus, a clearly defined follow-up mechanism is necessary to keep the dialogue, negotiation and other political efforts going on. It is essential that negotiation is not just launched, but more importantly pushed forward until practical results are achieved. The meeting in Geneva should be an open platform and the door of peace talks should be open to all parties in Syria committed to a political settlement so that they will take an active part in the process and play their role.

Wang Yi said that The political transition process in Syria must be Syrian-led, and the future of Syria, ultimately, can only be decided by the Syrian people themselves. The international community must uphold the UN Charter and the basic norms governing international relations, should be committed to maintaining Syria's sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity and respect the will and choice of the Syrian people. The international community needs to take a just, balanced and impartial approach in dealing with all parties in Syria, create favorable conditions and a necessary environment for the formulation of a political transition plan and avoid external imposition of political solutions on Syria. It is necessary to uphold and give play to the role of the United Nations as the main channel of mediation.

Wang Yi said that there are differences and disagreements among parties in Syria in their positions and demands. Inflexibility can only lead to a dead end, only mutual understanding and accommodation can point the way forward. We hope that all parties in Syria act in the interests of the future and destiny of the country and the overall interest of the people, summon up political will, meet each other half way, and blaze a "middle way" by drawing on useful regional and international experience while keeping in mind Syria's national conditions and the interests of all parties.

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