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Wang Yi: Telling China Story, Spreading China Confidence, Bringing Benefits for the People Around the World

On January 24, 2014, Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who was attending the annual meeting of World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, gave a joint interview with the Chinese media. Wang Yi said, This time I came to Davos to extend the following messages: telling the China story, spreading the China confidence and bringing benefit for the people around the world.

Wang Yi said, The China story is the most successful story by now in the world. It is critical for us to be a good story teller of China's success. It is also our duty to do so.To tell a good story, First, we need to use plain and easy-to-understand language. The "Chinese dream" put forward by President Xi Jinping has set a good example for us.

Second, we need to tell the stories behind China's success, that is, to spell out the real reasons and the driving forces behind China's success. For example, we have found a path of development fully in line with China's national conditions; we have huge space and tremendous potentials for development and we have a strong ruling party supported by 86 million party members. These are the most unique advantages and most important resources driving China's development.

Third, we need to integrate China's success story with the interests of other countries in the world. President Xi said that the Chinese dream is the dream of everyone of the Chinese people and it is closely linked with the dreams of other countries in the world. China's development will benefit China, and also benefit the whole world and the people around the world. If we are able to make this clear to the world, China story will be more convincing and persuasive. I hope that everyone will join in to tell this story of success. The more people start to tell the story, the better it will be told.

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