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Wang Yi: China Is Willing to Play Its Role in Advancing Economic Integration of Asia- Pacific

On January 24, 2014, Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who was attending the annual meeting of World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, gave a joint interview to the Chinese media. Wang Yi said, the Asia Pacific, particularly East Asia, is a region with the greatest growth potentials in the world. The region's most notable feature is its diversity. In the region, there are developed and developing countries, typical free economies and emerging market countries. The countries in the region have different social systems and various cultures and traditions.

Wang Yi said, to view and manage the diversity of the Asia Pacific, we need, first, to seek inclusive development, second, to seek complementary development, and based on this, to form "one force" for economic development in the Asia Pacific.

Wang Yi said, China is preparing for the APEC Informal Leadership Meeting scheduled this autumn in Beijing. All parties concerned have great expectations for China to organize the event. Therefore, we are determined to make the meeting a landmark event that will leave a deep historical mark and that will strongly boost the economic growth of the Asia Pacific. Wang Yi said, the theme of this year's meeting has been identified as "Shaping the Future through Asia-Pacific Partnership", and three subjects have been set: first, to promote regional economic integration; second, to seek innovative development and growth; third, to strengthen infrastructure and connectivity construction. The three subjects comply with the needs of APEC members and are unanimously agreed. Over the years, various bilateral or sub-regional free trade arrangements emerged in the Asia-Pacific region, which fully demonstrates the diversity of the regional economy. However, it should also be noticed that the region still requires a mechanism that can cover the entire region. China is willing to join efforts with other APEC economies to make some explorations from this perspective and hopes to make some progress and breakthroughs this year.

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