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Xi Jinping Meets with Prime Minister Orban Viktor of Hungary

  On February 13, 2014, President Xi Jinping met with Hungarian Prime Minister Orban Viktor at the Great Hall of the People.

  Xi Jinping said, China and Hungary enjoy a profound traditional friendship. The Chinese people will not forget the precious help given by Hungary to the early development and construction of the New China. For the 65 years since the establishment of diplomatic relationship, the two countries have always enjoyed a solid foundation of bilateral relations and sound cooperation. Especially for the 10 years since the establishment of friendly cooperative partnership, China-Hungary relations have achieved a comprehensive and rapid development. China is willing to work with Hungary to continue the understanding and support to each other, comprehensively strengthen cooperation and promote a better development of the bilateral relations on a new level. Both sides should focus on promoting the cooperation in finance, telecommunication, infrastructure construction, high technologies and other fields. Both with long history and splendid culture, the two countries should enhance people-to-people and cultural, educational exchanges and cooperation to consolidate the traditional friendship.

  Xi Jinping pointed out that, like all living creatures growing together, multiple elements coexist in the human society. The world should maintain a diversified development. As only one’s own feet can tell how the shoes fit, only the people of a country have rights to decide what path the country should take. Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth. After long and hard exploration, the Chinese people have finally found a development path conform to the national conditions and embarked on the great journey to the national rejuvenation. Propelled by comprehensively deepening reforms, China is striding towards the “two centennial goals”. China is full of confidence in its future.

  Orban expressed that Hungary highly admires China’s great achievements. The important enlightenment of China’s success is that a country must choose the development path in accordance with its own actual conditions. Neither can the path be copied blindly from others nor can “the feet be cut to fit the shoes”. Hungary advocates multi-polarity of the world, supports China’s peaceful development and attaches great importance to China's significant and constructive role in the international community. The Hungarian side hopes to strengthen high-level exchanges with the Chinese side, continue the support to each other, enhance the practical cooperation and deepen the traditional friendship.

  Orban briefed the current economic and social situation in Europe and the development of the EU integration. He said that the Hungarian side is grateful for China's support for Europe and is willing to play an active role in promoting cooperation between Europe and China, especially that between the Central and Eastern European countries (CEEC) and China. Xi Jinping emphasized that China supports the European integration and highly values the relations with Europe. He hoped that the Hungarian side will continue to actively support and participate in the development of China-Europe and China-CEEC relations.

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