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China's Five Principles for a Comprehensive Solution of the Iranian Nuclear Issue

  First, stick to the process of P5+1 dialogue with Iran.

  The successful conclusion of the Joint Plan of Action on the Iranian nuclear issue has proven that dialogue and negotiation is the right way and the P5+1 dialogue with Iran is an effective mechanism to solve the issue. However, this process will not be smooth sailing and we may encounter various difficulties.All parties should bear in mind the larger interest of peace and stability in the Middle East, keep moving dialogue and negotiation forward, and bring the mechanism of P5+1 dialogue with Iran into full play through joint commitment and consultation on an equal footing in order to solve the issue peacefully.

  Second, seek a comprehensive,fair and appropriate long-term solution.

  A comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue will be a historical agreement,and it must stand the test of history.To achieve this goal,it is crucial to approach the concerns of all parties in a balanced manner.Iran should fully address the international community's concern over its nuclear program and fulfill its NPT obligations.At the same time, Iran's development and its people's livelihood should be guaranteed.The P5+1 should fully respect Iran's right to nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, gradually lift all unilateral and multilateral sanctions against Iran, and cooperate with Iran in a wide range of areas.

  Third,follow the principle of step-by-step and reciprocal process

  Future negotiations will involve core issues relating to Iran 's nuclear program and lifting sanctions against Iran,which concern the major interests of all parties and are more complicated and sensitive.We hope Iran can demonstrate greater flexibility and adopt more practical measures to place restrictions on its nuclear program,while the P5+1 should also work in the same direction by lifting sanctions against Iran as appropriate in return so as to gradually accumulate political mutual trust and create conditions for an eventual breakthrough.

  Fourth, create a favorable atmosphere for dialogue and negotiation.

  The current positive momentum for peace talks is hard-earned and very fragile.Future negotiations will come across all kinds of difficulties and obstacles.All parties should display goodwill and faith, keep the overarching goal in sight, stay confident and patient, and make every effort to maintain a sound atmosphere for dialogue. China is opposed to any attempt by any party to resort to confrontation or impose pressure that poisons the negotiation atmosphere.

  Fifth, pursue a holistic approach and address both symptoms and root cause of the issue.

  The root cause of the Iranian nuclear issue lies in a lack of political trust between the relevant parties and the outdated security concept. To reach a comprehensive agreement, the P5+1 and Iran should not only focus on addressing the Iranian nuclear issue itself, but also adopt a new security concept featuring mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality and coordination, work to develop more constructive bilateral relationships, conduct cooperation in a wide range of fields, and seek win-win results in the international and regional affairs.

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