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Wang Yi: China Hopes to See a United, Stable, Developing and Amicable Afghanistan

On February 22, 2014, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Afghan Foreign Minister Zarar Ahmed Osmani jointly met journalists after their talks. Wang Yi expressed that China's policy objective is that it hopes to see a united, stable, developing and amicable Afghanistan.

Wang Yi said that Afghanistan is an important neighboring country of China, and is also a country exerting unique and important influence in this region. Afghanistan's peace and stability has a bearing on the security of western China, and more importantly, bears on the peace and development of the entire region. Therefore, the Chinese side attaches great importance to developing good-neighborly and friendly relations with Afghanistan, and hopes to see a united, stable, developing and amicable Afghanistan.

We hope to see a united Afghanistan. Afghanistan boasts various ethnic groups as well as prominent cultural diversity. Since ancient times, the Afghan people of all ethnic groups have been united and self-reliant, and they not only have created a splendid civilization, but also have maintained national unity, independence and dignity. "Harmony boosts everything". The Afghan people must first be united if they really want to get hold of their own destiny, especially for today's Afghanistan. Unity creates strength, and split loses future.

We hope to see a stable Afghanistan. The Afghan people have been suffering from war for a long time, and they are longing for peace and stability. Achieving stability creates the conditions for peace. Only by allowing all factions to participate in the reconciliation process can Afghanistan realize its lasting peace and stability. A stable Afghanistan is not only in line with its own fundamental interests, but also in line with the common interests of countries in this region, including China. The Chinese side expects that Afghanistan can achieve broad and inclusive political reconciliation as soon as possible, and is willing to continue to play a constructive role in this regard.

We hope to see a developing Afghanistan. Development is of overriding importance, and prosperity can bring peace to the world. Only when the economy is developed will the poverty problem be solved and the soil for terrorism and extremism be really eradicated. We maintain that the international community honors its aid commitments to Afghanistan and helps Afghanistan achieve sustainable development. The Chinese side will continue to do its best to provide assistance to Afghanistan, and help Afghanistan strengthen the self-development capacity and capacity building in all fields. The aid of the Chinese side, though limited, is very sincere with no political conditions attached.

We hope to see an amicable Afghanistan. Sincerity, friendliness and kindness have always been the tradition of the Afghan people, and peace, openness and inclusiveness have always been the proper meaning of Islamic culture. Good neighbors are a blessing. A peace-loving Afghanistan that is friendly with neighbors is the common expectation of countries in the region. The Chinese side supports Afghanistan in improving its relations with all countries, especially with neighboring countries; supports Afghanistan in actively participating in regional cooperation, including conducting cooperation with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). China will host the fourth Foreign Ministers' Conference of the Istanbul Process, and welcomes the involvement of the Afghan side in the construction of "Silk Road Economic Belt" proposed by the Chinese side.

Wang Yi pointed out that a united, stable, developing and amicable Afghanistan is not only the good fortune for the Afghan people, but also the blessing for all the countries in the region. As a good neighbor, good friend, and good partner of the Afghan people for ever, China will continue to facilitate the reconciliation and revitalization of Afghanistan with dedication and perseverance.

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