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Wang Yi Meets with Afghan President's National Security Advisor Rangin Dadfar Spanta

On February 22, 2014, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Afghan President's National Security Advisor Rangin Dadfar Spanta in Kabul.

Wang Yi said, security cooperation conforms to the mutual interests of both sides, and has become an important content of China-Afghanistan strategic and cooperative partnership.. The Chinese side admired the Afghan side in cracking down the "East Turkistan Islamic Movement" (ETIM) and other terrorist forces and appreciated the efforts the Afghan side has made for ensuring the safety and security of Chinese personnel and institutions in Afghanistan, hoping the two sides continually strengthen the relevant cooperation.

Wang Yi said that, this year is a crucial year of transition for Afghanistan. The trend of situation of Afghanistan matters not only the interests of its people, but the peace and stability of the region. China firmly supports Afghanistan in achieving smooth transition, hoping its general election could be held steadily as scheduled. China is ready to keep close communication with Afghanistan and make positive efforts to promote Afghan reconciliation process.

Spanta remarked, Afghanistan and China are good neighbors. It is the important content of Afghanistan's foreign policy towards China to cooperate with China fighting against the "three evils", which will remain unchanged for a long time. The Afghan side will strengthen cooperation with China and continue to fight against all kinds of terrorist forces including the "ETIM". The Afghan appreciated China’s support for political reconciliation process in Afghanistan and hoped that the Chinese side will continue to play a constructive role.

Wang Yi also met with former Foreign Ministers of Afghanistan Zalmai Rassoul and Abdullah Abdullah, former Finance Minister Ashraf Ghani, former parliamentary leader Abdul Quayum Karzai and the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghan affairs Jan Kubis respectively on the same day and exchanged views with each side on the situation in Afghanistan and the region and so on.

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