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Wang Yi Elaborates on "Three Key Points" of China Developing Pragmatic Cooperation with Iraq

On February 23, 2014, when jointly meeting the press after his talks with Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that, as a "trip of support and cooperation", the Chinese side will strengthen bilateral pragmatic cooperation from the following three aspects.

First, to help Iraq rebuild energy field. Energy is the foundation of the economic reconstruction in Iraq, as well as a key point of the pragmatic cooperation between China and Iraq. The Chinese enterprises have been running in Iraq's oil fields for many years, have rich experience and mature technology, and are willing to help Iraq build a complete oil industrial system and industrial chain from the upstream to the middle stream and the downstream to upgrade the level of Iraq's oil industry.

Second, to help Iraq rebuild infrastructure field. The Chinese side will continue to support and encourage more competent and credible enterprises to participate in the construction of Iraq's electricity, communications, ports and other key infrastructure projects. Meanwhile, China will further strengthen bilateral cooperation in agriculture, science and technology, and other fields.

Third, to help Iraq carry out reconstruction in the field of people's livelihood. China will encourage competent Chinese enterprises to expand their participation in the reconstruction of Iraq's medical treatment and health care, sewage treatment, and other facilities concerning people's livelihood, so that the Iraqi people can have a good living environment. At the same time, support Iraq to strengthen independent development abilities, cultivate more urgently needed talents from all walks of life for Iraq, and help the Iraqi side create more employment opportunities.

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