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Wang Yi: China Supports the UN Security Council's Approval of Syria's Humanitarian Resolution

On February 23, 2014, when jointly meeting the press after his talks with Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, as inquired, said that the UN Security Council unanimously approved the Resolution 2139 on the humanitarian issue in Syria on February 22, 2014, which fully reflects the international community's determination and consensus to relieve Syria's humanitarian situation as soon as possible. Meanwhile, it also signifies an important step forward in the process of seeking a political settlement of the Syria issue, and the Chinese side supports and welcomes it.

Wang Yi said that China and Syria enjoy friendly relations, and we empathize with the suffering and misery of the Syrian people and have been actively committed to easing the humanitarian situation in Syria all along. The Chinese side has offered a great deal of humanitarian assistance through various channels and in multiple batches to the Syrian people, including the Syrian refugees outside the country. We understand the concerns of the Arab countries, including neighbouring countries of Syria, for the humanitarian situation in Syria, and have unequivocally supported the UN Security Council from the start to pass a resolution that have consensus of all parties. In the process of the UN Security Council’s consultations on the Resolution 2139 this time, China has always adhered to a positive and objective attitude, mediated among various parties, and strived to bridge differences and increase consensus step by step, making its own contribution to the eventual unanimous approval of this resolution.

Wang Yi pointed out that after the unanimous approval of the Resolution 2118 by the UN Security Council on the Syria’s chemical weapons last September, the unanimous approval of the Resolution 2139 once again this time maintained the solidarity and authority of the UN Security Council and showed the important role of the UN in settling the Syria crisis. As a permanent member of the UN Security Council, we feel gratified about it. China called on all parties in Syria to take this opportunity to properly implement the Resolution 2139, cease fire and stop violence as soon as possible, and at the same time, actively cooperate with and support the efforts of the UN and the international community to narrow differences and build up mutual trust through continuous negotiations for early substantial progress of the political settlement of the Syria issue. The Chinese side is willing to continue to play its role for this purpose.

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