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Team Leader of Chinese Government Joint Work Team to Malaysia Gives Interview

In the morning of March 10, 2014, the Joint Work Team of the Chinese Government for the incident of loss of contact of the Malaysia Airlines flight, gave an interview at Beijing Capital International Airport just before departing for Malaysia .

Guo Shaochun, the team leader and Deputy Director-General of Department of Consular Affairs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told the press that, after the loss of contact of the Malaysia Airlines flight, the leaders of CPC Central Committee and the State Council got as worried as everybody. They have kept concerning about the whereabouts of the aircraft and the safety of the passengers. Staff of all government departments involved have been sleepless for two nights. We have worked all night forming the joint work team to Malaysia, and will be together with the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia to carry out the relevant work.

Guo Shaochun said, at this moment, the most urgent and important task remains the search and rescue operation. We will urge the Malaysian side and the search and rescue teams from all over the world, as well as the Chinese fleets and planes to intensify their search and rescue efforts in a cooperative and coordinated manner. We will never give up any glimps of hope. We will cooperate with Malaysia and other countries to conduct investigations so as to find out the fact as soon as possible. We will inform at the very first time any update we get.

Guo Shaochun said, family members of some Chinese passengers have been arranged by Malaysia Airlines to go Malaysia. We will cooperate with Malaysia to provide related services to ensure their safety and comfort. We, the same as the families, all wish for the good news of their loved ones being safe. We hope the family members also take care of themselves, and urge the media and others considering the feelings of the families, to respect their privacy.

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