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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Meets with Ambassador Wu Sike, Special Envoy of China on Middle East Issue
Source: Chinese Embassy in Israel

On March 9, 2014, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met with Ambassador Wu Sike, the Special Envoy of China on the Middle East Issue, at the Presidential Office in Ramallah. Both sides mainly had an in-depth discussion on bilateral relations, the Middle East peace process and other issues.

Mahmoud Abbas briefed the relevant situation of Palestine-Israel peace talks. He stressed that the Palestinian side attaches great importance to developing relations with China. Abbas thanked China for always supporting the just cause of the Palestinian people, and was looking forward to the Chinese side playing a greater role in advancing the Middle East peace process.

Wu Sike said that China and Palestine enjoy profound traditional friendship, and China is willing to make joint efforts with Palestine to push for continuous and in-depth development of China-Palestine relations. Wu pointed out that the Palestine issue is a hot-spot issue concerning the long-term peace and order, prosperity and development of the Middle East. The Palestine-Israel peace talks are now at a critical stage. We hope that the two parties, especially the Israeli side, would seize opportunities, strengthen the sense of urgency, and take concrete measures to eliminate the settlement issue and other obstacles, accumulate mutual trust and create a proper atmosphere for the peace talks. China also calls on the international community to continue their help and support to strive for an early and substantive progress of the Palestine-Israel peace talks. China will also continue its help to Palestine in capacity build-up.

Following the meeting, Wu Sike gave a joint interview to Chinese and local media, expounding on China's principle position on the Palestine issue.

Wu Sike also met the same day with Chief Palestinian Negotiator Saeb Erekat in the Palestine-Israel peace talks. They mainly had an in-depth exchange of views on the issue of the Palestine-Israel peace talks.

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