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Li Keqiang Holds Telephone Talks with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk at Request

In the evening of March 13, 2014, Chinese Premier of the State Council Li Keqiang held telephone talks with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk at request.

Tusk first extended his condolences to China for the loss of contact of the Malaysia Airlines flight. Li Keqiang thanked Tusk for his condolences, and said that China is cooperating closely with the countries concerned to intensify search efforts for the missing Malaysia Airlines passenger flight and properly handle the relevant matters.

In terms of China-Poland relations, Li Keqiang said that, China attaches great importance to developing relations with Poland and is willing to promote the strategic partnership of the two countries to achieve greater development on the basis of the principles of mutual respect and equality. China expects that, as an important country in Central and Eastern Europe and a member of the European Union (EU), Poland will make new contributions to promoting the cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European countries as well as the development of China-EU relations.

Tusk said that last year he and Premier Li had a successful meeting in Bucharest and reached many consensuses on deepening Poland-China relations and cooperation. Poland is willing to make joint efforts with China to promote the bilateral relations and the cooperation between Central and Eastern European countries and China for more achievements.

Tusk briefed Poland's views on the current situation in Ukraine. Li Keqiang expounded China's relevant principle stance, stressing that the situation in Ukraine is highly sensitive and requires political solution. China always upholds a just and objective attitude and actively promotes peace talks. China calls on all sides concerned to stay calm, exercise restraint and seek a political solution to the relevant divergences through dialogues and negotiations within the framework of law and order. China is willing to work together with the international community to play a constructive role in promoting a political settlement of the Ukrainian crisis.

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