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Ambassador to Malaysia Huang Huikang and Chinese Government Joint Work Team Discuss with Malaysia Airlines on Families Services

On March 16, 2014, H.E. Huang Huikang, Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia, and Guo Shaochun, head of the Chinese government joint work team, met with the CEO of the Malaysia Airlines, calling on the Malaysian side to continue to do its best at the services provided to the families of the Chinese passengers.

The Chinese side affirmed Malaysia Airlines' improvement in its services to and communications with the families in accordance with China's suggestions, stressing that the whereabouts of the missing flight remains unknown till now, and the focus of the Malaysia Airlines' work is to take good care of the families of the Chinese passengers while intensifying search and rescue operations. They urged the Malaysia Airlines to continually bear responsibilities, respect the willingness of the families and take good care of and appease the families in Beijing and Malaysia. The Chinese side will continue to provide assistance and coordination.

The Malaysian side said that since the loss of the contact of the flight, the Malaysia Airlines has been doing its utmost to attend to and appease the families in Beijing and Kuala Lumpur, providing services and convenience to them. For the next step, it will continue to well manage the relevant works and respect the families' willingness to returning home or not.

On the afternoon of the same day, several members of the work team visited the families of the passengers once again to learn about their latest demands and briefed them on the communication results with the Malaysia Airlines.

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