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Li Keqiang Holds Telephone Talk with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, Urging the Malaysian Side to Provide More Detailed and Accurate Information about the Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight and to Intensify Coordination and Cooperation with All Parties Concerned for Search and Rescue Efforts

On March 17, 2013, Premier Li Keqiang held a telephone talk with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak at his request. They had a further discussion on the search and rescue operations of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight.

Najib briefed Li Keqiang on the latest updates of the search and rescue operations and the next steps Malaysia will take.

Li Keqiang said, the search and rescue of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight is the top priority at the moment. China has dispatched more than 10 specialized vessels to search relevant sea waters, and required the passing Chinese commercial ships to offer help. We have deployed quite a number of aircrafts and 21 satellites to assist the search work. We briefed 25 countries on the relevant information and called for their assistance. China appreciates all the countries' efforts for conducting the all-out search and rescue operations.

Li Keqiang pointed out that, the situation now is increasingly complicated, and the search and rescue operation needs to expand the scope and with mounting difficulties. However, we should make the utmost efforts for the search and rescue operations as long as there is any glimpse of hope. We need the Malaysian side to provide more detailed data information, including the third-party information, in a timely, accurate and comprehensive manner, to confirm the scope of search and rescue operation and to put forward the relevant plans as soon as possible, so as to work more efficiently.

Li Keqiang stressed that search and investigation should be carried out simultaneously, thus more accurate and comprehensive information can be gathered in time through investigation.

Li Keqiang said that he hopes the Malaysian government and Malaysia Airlines could well fulfill their relevant duties, continue the consolation to the families of Chinese passengers in Beijing and in Kuala Lumpur, and keep them updated on the latest progress and other relevant information on the search and rescue operations.

Najib said that the Malaysian side is very grateful for China for its immediate all-out assistance and cooperation to the search and rescue operations after the incident of loss of contact of the Malaysian Airlines flight. Malaysia will continue its all-out efforts to conduct search and rescue operations until the flight is found. Malaysia is willing to intensify information exchanges with China and all other parties concerned, adjust and identify the search scope based on the latest clues, and brief China on the latest progress all the time. The Malaysian side fully understands the pains of the families of the Chinese passengers as well as China's concerns, and will make every effort to console the families of the Chinese passengers.

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