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Xi Jinping Holds Telephone Talks with Prime Minister Tony Abbott of Australia

In the evening of March 20, 2014, Chinese President Xi Jinping held telephone talks with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Abbott extended condolences to Xi Jinping for the loss of contact of the Malaysia Airlines flight, and briefed him on the latest updates of Australia's search and rescue efforts. He said that Australia has dispatched aircrafts and warships to the sea waters in the southern Indian Ocean, more than 3,000 kilometers southwest off Perth, where suspicious objects possibly related to the missing flight were found through satellite images.

Xi Jinping thanked Abbott for his briefing and the cooperation Australia has provided. He said, the incident is a calamity. Since the flight lost contact, our hearts have always been gripped by the safety of the passengers from different countries on board, including 154 Chinese and 6 Australians. As soon as learning about the incident, I immediately instructed departments concerned to go all out for search and rescue operations and to ensure all the work for emergency management. Many countries, including Australia, have actively participated in the search and rescue operations, and China appreciates Australia for its search and rescue operations along the southern corridor. Despite of the increasing difficulties in current search and rescue due to the complicated circumstances in relevant waters, all-out efforts should be made as long as there is still a glimpse of hope. We hope that Australia and other parties concerned will continue their utmost efforts for the search and rescue and inform China of any updates as soon as possible. We also hope Australia to provide assistance for China's search and rescue operations, and China is willing to maintain close communications and cooperation with Australia. The sincere cooperation between China and Australia at this difficult moment demonstrates that the hearts of the two peoples are linked together.

Abbott said that Australia will continue to do its utmost in search, rescue and investigation and is willing to make concerted efforts with China to keep communications and timely share relevant information with each other.

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