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Li Keqiang Meets with IMF Chief Christine Lagarde

In the afternoon of March 24, 2014, Premier Li Keqiang met with Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Christine Lagarde at the Great Hall of the People. They exchanged views on the world economic situation, China's cooperation with the IMF and other topics.

Li Keqiang pointed out, the current world economy can be described as three "being"s and three "but"s: the first, the overall situation is being embodied with new changes, but remains complicated. Developed economies should take seriously the spillover effect of their own policies. The second, the emerging markets are being confronted with difficulties and challenges, but they are still the important force for world economic growth. The third, countries around the world are being faced with the difficulties in macroeconomic policy coordination, but we should still carry forward the spirit of helping each other, just as we did in countering the global financial crisis. The international community should consolidate and enhance dialogues, coordination and cooperation within frameworks such as the G20, push forward the construction of an open world economy and promote robust, sustainable and balanced development of the global economy.

Li Keqiang said, China attaches great importance to the role of IMF. Hope that the IMF can continuously promote coordination of macroeconomic policies among all countries, and identify, research and analyze possible major risks for the world economy in a timely manner; improve the international financial system and push forward the implementation of the reform of IMF's share and governance structure; stick to the multilateralism, fight against trade protectionism and promote economic globalization, so as to strive for the common development. China is willing to continue its close cooperation with the IMF.

Christine Lagarde agreed with Li Keqiang on his views on the current world economy. She said that under the joint efforts from countries around the world, the global economic growth has made positive progress. There are spaces for growth while there exists risks. China has been successful in promoting reforms, and has made important contributions to the global economic growth. The IMF highly praises China's reform measures and is willing to enhance cooperation with China and to join efforts with countries around the world to implement the IMF's share and governance structure reform, to facilitate positive progress in global economic governance, and to promote the stable development of global economy.

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