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Chinese Government Joint Work Team Visits Families of Chinese Passengers Aboard the Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight

On March 19 and 22, 2014, the Chinese government joint work team and diplomats of the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia went twice to visit the families of Chinese passengers aboard the missing Malaysia Airlines flight.

Talking with the families, Guo Shaochun, the team leader and Deputy Director-General of the Department of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that 10 plus days have passed since the Malaysian Airline flight lost contact, and the work team members are as worried and anxious as the families. The Chinese government has attached great importance to the new updates in the search and rescue work. In his telephone talks with Prime Minister Tony Abbott of Australia, President Xi Jinping stressed that one hundred percent efforts must be made as long as there is any glimpse of hope. Premier Li Keqiang made another telephone talk with Prime Minister of Malaysia. China has dispatched the expedition boat Snow Dragon, as well as other ships and airplanes to join the search operations in relevant waters. At the request of China, dozens of countries have joined in the frantic search and rescue operation at an intensified pace and over a broadened scope. Meanwhile, China would continue to urge Malaysia stepping up the investigation.

Guo said that the Chinese Government has attached importance to coordinating with Malaysia on assisting, serving and taking care of the families of Chinese passengers. Malaysia has expressed clearly that they will be fully responsible for the families. Guo reassured the families and asked them to take good care of themselves, saying that their wishes will be fully respected on stay or leave.

Families of the passengers expressed that their top concern now is the whereabouts of the aircraft and their beloved. They hope that the Malaysian side will inform them timely and comprehensively the latest updates of the incident and intensify their work to find the plane as soon as possible.

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