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Spokesperson on the Terrorist Attacks on the U.S. (12/09/2001)

In the evening of 11th September, some districts of New York and Washington came under severe attacks, leading to huge human casualties and injuries. The event astonished the world. After the incident occurred, following the instructions of President Jiang Zemin, other state leaders and the Chinese Government, the Chinese Embassy to the United States, the Chinese Consulate-Generals and China’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations immediately expressed their sympathy to the staff of the Chinese institutions, Chinese students, overseas Chinese and Chinese compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in the United States. They also overcame all difficulties to investigate on the possible injuries or death of Chinese.

After initial investigation, it is found that a member of a Chinese institution to the United States was hurt and sent to hospital for treatment. The Chinese Embassy, Consulate Generals and Permanent Mission to the United Nations are collecting for more information. The Chinese Embassy to the United States and China’s Consulate-General in New York have opened special hotlines to provide at any time communications with injured compatriots and all necessary assistance at their disposal.

The Chinese Government very much cares for the situation of U.S. citizens who are working, doing business, touring or studying in China. China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other government departments have extended their sincere sympathy to them and expressed their willingness to help them deal with their problems and difficulties. Relevant departments of the central and local government have also strengthened the safety measures for foreign embassies, consulates and business institutions in China to ensure that their lives and business go on as normal.

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