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President Jiang had a phone conversation with British Prime Minister Tony Blair(19/09/2001)

On the afternoon of 18th September, President Jiang answered a phone call from British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Mr. Blair said that, during the terrorist attacks on Washington and New York on 11 September, many British citizens lost their lives. Under the current situation, it is of utmost necessity for the leaders of Britain and China to directly exchange views with each other. Mr. Blair went on to explain Britain's position on the incident.

President Jiang said that, during the serious attacks on the United States, there are many British casualties. Some Chinese citizens were also killed, injured or are still missing. All of them are victims of terrorism. We strongly condemn this horrific act of terrorism. In the fight against terrorism, the Chinese people stand with the American people, the British people and the international community.

President Jiang believed that terrorism is a major threat to world peace and stability. It has become a great evil to the whole international community. The Chinese Government resolutely opposes all sorts of terrorism. International cooperation is of vital necessity and urgency in the fight against terrorism. President Jiang pointed out that the attack on terrorism should have valid evidence and specific targets, and avoid by all means harming innocent civilians. The actions should be based on the purposes and principles of the UN Charter and the recognized norms of international laws, and the role of the UN Security Council should be brought into play. All actions should be conducive to the long-term interests of safeguarding world peace and development.

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