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President Jiang had a phone conversation with French President Jacques Chirac(19/09/2001)

On the evening of 18th September, President Jiang had a phone conversation with French President Jacques Chirac on the international situation after the terrorist attacks on the United States.

President Chirac said that, after the incident occurred, the European countries expressed their support to the United States. We believe that every effort should be made to fight terrorism. Under the current situation, it is necessary to restore the Middle East peace process as soon as possible, and urge both Israel and Palestine to return to the negotiation table.

President Jiang appreciated President Chirac's remarks and explained the Chinese Government's consistent principled position against all sorts of terrorism. He stressed the necessity and urgency of international cooperation against terrorism and pointed out that, under the current situation, it needs calmness and prudence to deal with relevant issues. All actions should be in the benefit of the long-term interests of world peace and development.

President Jiang offered China's support, as always, to the Middle East peace process. He hoped that people of all countries in the Middle East live in peace.

The two leaders agreed to maintain close consultations and cooperation on major issues bearing upon world peace and stability.

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