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President Jiang had a phone conversation with Russian President Putin(19/09/2001)

On the evening of 18th September, President Jiang had a phone conversation with Russian President Putin.

President Jiang began by thanking President Putin for the warm hospitality that Russia had accorded to China's Premier Zhu Rongji during his recent visit to Russia.

On the 11th September terrorist violent attack on the United States, President Jiang reiterated the principled Chinese position that the Chinese Government resolutely opposes all sorts of terrorism. He stressed that, in dealing with this incident, one should take into consideration not only its direct consequences, but also its profound impact on the regional situation, especially the long-term interests of world peace and development.

President Jiang expressed China's willingness to enhance and deepen its cooperation with the international community in the fight against terrorism. We believe that the role of the UN Security Council should be brought into full play. The five Permanent Members of the UN Security Council should strengthen their consultations. China and Russia share common positions and interests on the fight against terrorism. The two should maintain contact and exchange information with each other in the spirit of the Sino-Russian Treaty of Good-Neighbourliness, Friendship and Cooperation. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization should expedite the implementation of the relevant conventions, so as to safeguard regional peace, security and stability more effectively.

President Putin appreciated President Jiang's remarks and held that, under the current tense international situation, it is of utmost importance and urgency to enhance bilateral cooperation. He agreed with President Jiang that efforts should be made to improve as soon as possible international mechanisms against terrorism.

President Putin stressed that, when dealing with relevant issues of the region, one should consider and respect the interests of countries and people of the region so as to safeguard regional peace and stability.

The two leaders agreed to keep in contacts, consultations and cooperation with each other on major issues bearing upon world and regional peace and stability.

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