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The Chinese Government decided to provide commodities in order to properly settle Afghan refugees(02/10/2001)

In order to properly settle Afghan refugees, the Chinese Government has decided to provide commodities worth one million RMB yuan to the emergency assistant programme of the UNHCR. In addition, China's Red Cross will provide donations to Afghan's refugees through the Red Cross Society and the Red Crescent.

On 30 September, Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan sent letters to UN Secretary-General, UN High Commissioner for Refugees and his counterparts of the United States, Russia, France, Britain and Belgium to brief them on China's above decision. In the letter, Foreign Minister Tang expressed the view that the Chinese Government has always closely followed the development of the situation. China deeply sympathizes with the plight of the Afghan refugees. In the spirit of international solidarity and shared responsibility, we call upon the international community to provide more assistance to Afghan's neighbours, including Pakistan, who have settled a large number of Afghan refugees, in order to properly solve the Afghan refugee problem.

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