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Premier Zhu Ron Rongji Congratulates National Committee on US-China Relations(03/10/2001)

Premier Zhu Rongji congratulated the 35th anniversary of the founding of the US National Committee on US-China Relations in a video statement on October 2nd, 2001.

Zhu first conveyed sympathy to the US government and the American people for the September 11 terror attack on the United States, and expressed condolences to the victims. He said that the Chinese Government strongly condemned the terror attacks, and China would strengthen co-operation with the international society as well as the US government in fighting terrorism on the basis of the UN Charter and the norms and principles of international law in a bid to safeguard world peace and stability.

In the past 30 years and more, Zhu said Sino-US relations have achieved historic progress, bringing huge benefits to the two peoples, as well as peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region and the world.

Zhu noted that today, as the world has entered the 21st century, China and the United States share common interests and responsibilities in combating terrorism and international crimes, tackling problems including worsening environment, and safeguarding peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region and the world for the purpose of promoting sound regional and global economic growth.

He stressed China would increase exchanges and understanding with US, while making efforts to develop constructive relations of co-operation, based on the three joint communiqués signed between the two countries.

Zhu said the upcoming meeting between President Jiang Zemin and US President Bush in Shanghai will be of great importance, which is expected to help to improve the development of the Sino-US relations.

He said in conclusion that he hoped the US National Committee on US-China Relations and friends from all circles in the United States would continue to make contributions to the improvement of bilateral ties.

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