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Spokesperson on East Turkistan National Conference's seminar held on EP's premises(19/10/2001)

Q: The European Parliament allowed the East Turkistan National Conference to hold a seminar on its premises on 17 October. What is your comment?

A: In disregard of the repeated solemn representations of the Chinese side, the European Parliament allowed some East Turkistan activists to hold a seminar on East Turkistan in its building. We wish to express our strong indignation and dissatisfaction towards this act of providing venue for anti-China activities.

The force for East Turkistan is a terrorist force with the objective of splitting China. It has closely colluded with the international terrorist organizations to undertake numerous horrible violent terrorist acts in China and its neighboring countries, leading to great casualties. Under the backdrop of increased international cooperation against terrorism, the force for East Turkistan is trying to disguise itself under the pretext of human rights, democracy and safeguarding the minority’s rights to carry on its splittist activities. However, these tactical changes can not change its nature as a terrorist organization. The so-called seminar on East Turkistan is nothing but a farce.

It runs against the international trend for enhanced anti-terrorist cooperation for the European Parliament to bent on providing a forum for such a terrorist organization. Undoubtedly, it will seriously undermine the image of the European Parliament in the hearts of the Chinese people. It will hurt the feelings of the Chinese people. Furthermore, it will damage the development of Sino-European relations. We call on the European side to earnestly follow the spirit of international cooperation against terrorism, adopt effective measures to put an end to the activities of the East Turkistan terrorist organizations in the EU countries, so as to enable the healthy and smooth development of Sino-European relations.

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