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Qian Qichen Reiterates "One China" Principle

Chinese Vice-Premier Qian Qichen has said that the "One China" principle will be firmly adhered to in fighting any separatist activity in the name of "Taiwan Independence," "Two Chinas," "One China, One Taiwan," or in any other forms.

He made the remarks at a reception to mark the 48th founding anniversary of the People's Republic of China held in Beijing on September 29 by the State Council's Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs, Office of Hong Kong and Macao Affairs and Taiwan Affairs Office, which was attended by more than 1,000 compatriots from Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), Macao and Taiwan, Chinese nationals residing abroad and foreign citizens of Chinese origin.

Qian reiterated China's firm opposition to the attempts to use a referendum to change the fact that Taiwan is an inseparable part of China.

China is willing to increase contacts with various parties and people from all walks of life in Taiwan, except for a small number of "Taiwan Independence" supporters, he said. And China is ready to hear any opinion or suggestion that would benefit the reunification of the motherland, he said.

He said that personnel flow and other exchanges across the Taiwan Straits have been increasing sharply, the growth of cross-Straits trade has continued, and Taiwan compatriots have continued to invest in the mainland since early this year.

He went on to note that the fights against "Taiwan Independence," "Two Chinas" and "One China, One Taiwan" have been repeatedly successful. The smooth return of Hong Kong to the motherland based on the principle of "One Country, Two Systems," together with the continuity of the region's prosperity and stability, will finally have an important impact on solving the Taiwan issue, Qian pointed out.

The 15th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has reiterated the adherence to the basic principle of "Peaceful Reunification" and "One Country, Two Systems," and it has vowed to fully implement President Jiang Zemin's eight-point proposal on improving cross-Straits relations and forging ahead on the course of peaceful reunification of the motherland.

He said: "We must firmly and unshakably adhere to the principle of 'One China', and oppose the separatist attempt in the forms of 'Taiwan Independence', 'Two Chinas', 'One China, One Taiwan' or in any other forms, and oppose the attempt to use a referendum to change the fact that Taiwan is an inseparable part of China."

China must continue to increase the economic and cultural exchanges across the Taiwan Straits, he added, and strive to realize the full 'Three Direct Links', namely direct mail, shipping and trade services across the Taiwan Straits, as soon as possible.

"We demand that the Taiwan authorities lift the restrictions on the development of the cross-Straits economic and trade relations," he said.

Qian said that he hoped that the Taiwan authorities would respond sincerely to President Jiang Zemin's proposal to hold negotiations on formally ending cross-Straits confrontation based on the principle of "One China."

The Taiwan authorities should demonstrate their sincerity and exchange views with China regarding the arrangement of the procedures of the cross-Straits political negotiation, Qian urged.

He said that the purpose of the political discussion is to improve and develop the cross-Straits relations and push forward the course of peaceful reunification step by step. Any speech or action designed to undermine the cross-Straits relations, or create "Two Chinas" or "One China, One Taiwan", is contrary to the will of the people and doomed to fail, he stressed.

"The Taiwan compatriots are our blood brothers, and we will continue to protect all their legitimate rights and interests," he said. "We are willing to increase contacts with various parties and people from all walks of life in Taiwan, except for the small number of people who stubbornly stick to the stand of 'Taiwan Independence', and we are willing to hear and discuss any views and suggestions that would benefit the reunification of the motherland."

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