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Another Dangerous Step by Lee Teng-hui

(September 1, 1999) An official from the Office for Taiwan Affairs under the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China severely condemned Lee Teng-hui's "two states" remarks in Beijing on August 31.

Under Lee's control, the congress of the Kuomintang held from August 28 to 29 passed a resolution to set the cross-Straits relation as "special state-to-state relation."

Since Lee Teng-hui made the "two states" remarks on July 9, he has been strongly criticized by the Chinese people. The international community has also repeated its adherence to the "one China" policy.

However, Lee stubbornly advocated his "two states" rhetoric and went so far as put it into the Kuomintang's resolution, a very dangerous step aimed at separating China, said the official.

"As Lee is going farther on the splittist road, the Chinese people including Taiwanese compatriots will firmly fight against him, and Lee's splittist attempt is doomed to fail," the official said.

His move of writing the "two states" remarks into Kuomingtang's document will put an end to the future of the Kuomintang and push Taiwanese people to the abyss of war, the official stressed.

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