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China Opposes Any Country Inviting Chen Shui-bian to Visit

March 23, 2000-- China opposes any country inviting Chen Shui-bian, who won the election in Taiwan Province,  to visit in any capacity, said Sun Yuxi, spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, in Beijing on March 30 at a regular press  conference.

The matter is of "vital importance to the healthy development  of relations between China and any other country," Sun said,  adding that "the Chinese government firmly opposes any form of  official contact with Taiwan by any country which has established
diplomatic relations with China."

"This stand is clear-cut and consistent," he said, stressing  that "countries concerned have made solemn international  commitments to the Chinese government on the Taiwan issue. We ask  them to adhere to the one-China principle with practical actions  and observe their commitments they have made to the Chinese side."

The spokesman reiterated that there is but one China in the  world and Taiwan is an inalienable part of the Chinese territories.

"This is a fact that has been recognized by the international  community and the election of leaders in the Taiwan region and its result can not change this fact," he stressed.

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