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Taiwan Separatist Tsai Ying-wen Condemned

July,29,2000---An article by Xinhua News Agency criticizes Tsai Ying-wen, head of Taiwan’s “Mainland Affairs Council,” on July 26 for her separatist remarks and activities since taking office.  

Titled “Separatists Will Never Succeed,” the article said that Tsai has gradually exposed herself as a separatist.  

Being one of the key figures in brewing Lee Teng-hui’s “two-states” doctrine, Tsai had been the braintruster for Lee. After Lee stepped down, Tsai was given the important position by the new Taiwan leader known as the “most faithful executive of  the Lee Teng-hui line.”

She has never recognized herself as a Chinese. “I am not Chinese, if one China means the People’s Republic of China,” she said. She also said being Chinese is  “a matter of personal choices.”   “To be or not to be Chinese is not important. What’s important is to have a recognition for the land of Taiwan”.

Tsai denies the One-China Principle, though she, as Taiwan’s leading official in charge of “mainland affairs,” must know that the One-China Principle is the basis for  improving and developing cross-Straits ties.

On July 20, Tsai supported “Taiwan independence” by stating that “Taiwan independence is one of the options by Taiwan people on cross-Straits relations.”

The article reiterates that “Taiwan independence” is a major attempt to split the motherland. It is clear that to put separatist people like Tsai in charge of Taiwan’s so-called mainland affairs could not improve or ease cross-Straits relations.  

Echoing the Taiwan leader’s denial of a consensus on the One-China Principle reached by the two sides of the Taiwan Straits, Tsai attempted to block cross-strait exchanges, including exchanges between Xiamen on the mainland and Kaohsiung on Taiwan, the article said.

She has also tried hard to drum up support for “Taiwan’s participation in the United Nations” by openly advocating that “ Taiwan is in fact a sovereign and independent state and that should be publicized.”

Tsai’s words and deeds mirror the true face of the new leader of Taiwan, the article said, noting their so-called “goodwill” and “sincerity” are inconsistent with their separatist behavior.
To develop the cross-Straits relations under the One-China Principle has been an urgent demand of the entire Chinese people including the Taiwan compatriots and is an irreversible historical trend as well, said the article.

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