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No Policy Changes on Taiwan: Mainland Official (12/05/01)

The Chinese mainland's policies on Taiwan will remain unchanged despite the results of the recent regional "parliamentary" election and polls for county magistrates and city mayors in the island province of China.
The mainland will keep to the principle of "peaceful reunification and one country, two systems," President Jiang Zemin's Eight Proposals on the development of current relations across the Taiwan Straits, and policies for the promotion of the cross-straits economic exchange and cooperation.

This was stated by Zhang Mingqing, Spokesman of the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, at a December 5  news conference.

Taiwan's political situations remain unchanged, although the Democratic Progressive Party (DDP) has become the largest group in the “parliament”, Zhang said, adding that it is a unilateral view to say that the election results indicate an increase in the forces for "Taiwan independence".

Surveys in Taiwan show that the number of people supporting the policy of "one country, two systems"  is on the rise and the mainstream public opinion in the island is still in favor of improving and developing the cross-straits ties and opposing "Taiwan independence", the official noted.

He reiterated that the mainland will keep in touch with any Taiwan-based party that accepts the One-China Principle, recognizes the 1992 cross-straits consensus, and supports the improvement and development of cross-straits ties.

However, Zhang said, the mainland will not contact the DDP, since it has closed the door itself for exchanges with the mainland by refusing to revise its pro-independence constitution, recognize the One-China Principle and the 1992 cross-straits consensus.

He blamed Lee Teng-hui for organizing a coalition party, saying that it is a deliberate step made by Lee to split the motherland.

While commenting on the Taiwan Authorities' plan to establish a "national stability alliance", the official stressed that the key issue between the two sides is that the Taiwan Authorities should recognize the One-China Principle and the 1992 cross-straits consensus, which is the right way for Taiwan to achieve real stability.

The mainland will keep a close watch on the proposed body, he added.

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