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Necessary Revision of Textbooks Attempting to Separate China (12/26/01)

Schools on the Chinese mainland for Taiwanese children should not use teaching materials against the One-China Principle, Zhang Mingqing, spokesman of the State Council's Taiwan Affairs Office, said at a news conference on December 26.

  If "Taiwan independence" and the "two states" remarks were contained in these teaching materials, the younger generation would be misled, so correct revisions should be made, Zhang said.

  Asked about some Taiwan business people's participation in Lee Teng-hui's preparations to constitute a new political organization, Zhang said, the Chinese people are confident that the majority of Taiwanese in the business circles can make a clear distinction between right and wrong and will not do anything which jeopardizes
relations across the Taiwan Straits.

  Being a die-hard separatist, Lee will use all possible means to bring to fruition his palpable and evil intention to separate Taiwan from China, Zhang said.

  Although the Taiwan authorities recently approved direct trade and personnel exchange between Jinmen, Mazu, and the coastal areas of Fujian Province, these are not the three direct links of trade, mail and air and shipping services across the straits, known as the "three direct links," in a genuine sense and could not meet the demands of cross-straits exchange, Zhang said.

  "We are willing to support the so-called three 'mini links', but we still hope the Taiwan authorities would give a go-ahead for the 'three direct links' across the straits as early as possible," Zhang said.

  After Chinese Taipei's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in the name of "separate customs territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Jinmen and Mazu", the one-China consensus among the international community has not changed, and China's stand against "Taiwan independence" remains unchanged, Zhang said.

  "Being an economic platform for business and trade, WTO should not touch upon political matters," Zhang added.

  As new year is imminent, Zhang extended greetings to Taiwan compatriots on behalf of the Taiwan affairs offices of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council.

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