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FM Spokesman Comments on Taiwan Authorities' Name Changing (02/26/02)

  Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Kong Quan said on February 26 that the Chinese people are strongly opposed to any attempts of seeking "gradual Taiwan independence" by way of "justifying Taiwan."

  Kong made the remark at a regular press conference in response to a question on news about the Taiwan authorities changing the names of its overseas offices.

  He said that the news needs to be confirmed and if Taiwan authorities did change the names, this would be regarded as an attempt to seek gradual Taiwan independence and to increase tension across the Taiwan Straits.

  China hopes that other countries having diplomatic ties with China will be on the alert for attempts to create "two Chinas" or "one China one Taiwan", will keep the promises they made when establishing diplomatic ties with China and handle the Taiwan issue properly so as to maintain stable and healthy development of bilateral ties.

  China objects to any formal or official contact between Taiwan and any country having diplomatic ties with China, he said.

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