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Chinese Embassy Spokesman: China Opposed to Official Contacts or Exchanges between U.S. and Taiwan in Any Form (03/07/02)

On March 7, Chinese Embassy Spokesman Xie Feng expressed strong opposition to the U. S. allowing Taiwan to send a representative to participate in a military conference to be held in Florida this weekend.

Xie said,  the Chinese side opposes official contacts or exchanges between U.S. and Taiwan in any form and opposes U.S. arms sale to Taiwan. This position has been clear and consistent. The U.S. decision to allow the so-called “ Taiwan Defense Minister ”to go to the U.S. to attend the conference is an open violation of the "One China" policy and the three joint Sino-U.S. communiqués. It will send another wrong signal to the separatist force in Taiwan and will cause damage to both Sino-U.S. relations and the relations between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits. The Chinese side has made official representations to the U.S. side both in Beijing and Washington,DC.

Xie urged the U.S. government to match words with deeds by abiding by the three joint Sino-U.S. communiqués and living up to its commitments. The U.S. side should correct its mistakes and stop all official contacts and military exchanges with Taiwan, so as not to damage the Sino-U.S. ties.

Xie pointed out that all attempts by Taiwan authorities to split the motherland and to advocate “one China, one Taiwan” or " Two Chinas" are against the will of the Chinese people, including our compatriots in Taiwan, and are doomed to failure.

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